A reliable, low cost and eld-proven system for aerial gas leak detection and infrastructure integrity

MTS together with our partners Ascent Vision Technologies has developed the next generation of aerial gas leak detection technology. Benefit from traceable and verifiable pipeline integrity data, rapid notification of anomalies, and precise geo-location of leaks, encroachments, environmental concerns, or right-of-way violations. High definition daylight footage is recorded simultaneously with infrared leak detection data and both can be imported into a GIS-based mapping system, giving you prompt access to valuable information.




  • Lower cost than helicopter inspections and foot patrols
  • Cutting-edge capabilities proven & documented with comprehensive field testing
  • Highly advanced daylight and thermal imagery for improved leak detection
  • Enhanced lens that remains in focus throughout temperature changes
  • Two-axis gyro-stabilized gimbal (pan & tilt capabilities)
  • Cooled MWIR sensor with narrow bandpass optical filter to enhance sensitivity in the hydrocarbon absorption band

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