MTS Opens New Location in Odessa, Texas

MTS is excited to announce the opening of a new location in Odessa, Texas. This office will serve as a base of operation for the Permian Basin.  With this location MTS will be able to staff projects more efficiently. It will also bring support staff closer to the job sites in this area. The office will officially be operational February 1st, 2019. We are looking forward to building a stronger relationship with owner/operators throughout the Permian Basin.

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MTS Celebrates National Surveyors Week by Assisting Scouts in Earning Surveying Merit Badge

MTS helped celebrate National Surveyors Week on March 24, 2018 by assisting seven Boy Scouts to earn their Surveying Merit Badge. This Merit Badge is one of 57 original merit badges offered to boy scouts, 27 remain today. John Lilak, PLS and also Scoutmaster for a local Prairie Village, KS Scout Troop was the counselor for the necessary instruction of the eight requirements. The first requirement, is always knowing the required safety, how to identify safety concerns and the possible first aid necessary while performing surveying work in the field. The remaining requirements consisted of learning about the history of the surveying profession, key historic individuals who were Surveyors, the operation of surveying equipment (i.e. total station and automatic level) and then performing a closed traverse and level run utilizing this same equipment. The Scout’s did a great job and completed their requirements to earn the badge. Enlightening and assisting with youth and the scouting program is key for they are the future.

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MTS Completes NiSource/NIPSCO - Ironwood-Jackson to Oakland Avenue Project

MTS performed aerial acquisition processing and quality assurance services on a 12 mile pipeline corridor Alignment for the NiSource/NIPSCO – Ironwood-Jackson to Oakland Avenue Project near South Bend, Indiana.  Planimetric mapping in the corridor of interest was collected photogrammetrically and supplemented with field survey collected data at road crossings. Airborne LIDAR point clouds were classified and delivered in both LAS 1.2 and LAS 1.4 standard formats.  Digital orthophotography in approximately 5000’ X 7000’ tiles with a 3” ground sample distance was prepared and delivered in TIFF format.  Mosaics consisting of 3 files of 4 tiles each and an overall mosaic were delivered in ECW compressed formats.  All LAS, TIFF and ECW files can be viewed in AutoCAD and Microstation.  Contour and surface models were generated from the calibrated point cloud.

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MTS’s FieldBook Right of Way Platform Rolled Out - Simple, Accessible, Powerful

FieldBook Welcome Screen

FieldBook Welcome Screen

Quanta’s MTS has rolled out its new Right of Way Project Tool for clients using a new programming platform that provides intuitive, scalable, and real-time response rates, available for any right of way- related field activity. At the core of the concept behind Fieldbook is the ability for clients to access information in real time, while also enabling field personnel to store and retrieve information via a platform accessible anywhere a wireless signal is available with very little or no “lag.” Documents that evidence agreements can be electronically signed and uploaded and viewed instantly. Records can be viewed, downloaded, and added from any hardware platform regardless of whether it is iOS or android based. Tract maps can, for instance, be viewed on a tablet while speaking with a landowner in conference with field or corporate management in virtual real time. And storage is not an obstacle. Fieldbook can hold the entire right of way documentation for a project of any size.      

Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey: The category 4 hurricane that struck Houston recently left behind widespread flooding due to the torrential rains and will most certainly go down in history as the costliest storm in US history. 80% of the residents of Texas do not have flood insurance. The torrential rains in some areas dropped an estimated 51 inches in less than 5 days, thus according to the National Weather Service, set a new record for the heaviest rainfall from a storm.

Reports of the loss of homes, vehicles, livestock and even lives are hard to believe. Some of those people who did not suffer any damage to property were stranded without power or clean drinking water. Residents and neighbors helped other in rescuing stranded flood victims and pets.
One of MTS employees, Clint A. Brist, was in the middle of the hurricane in Chambers County, Texas. His residence suffered only slight damage from the devastating winds and non-stop rain.

One of Clint’s sons did however get 2 feet of flood waters in his home. Another child of Clint’s had 6 inches of water in their house. Clint’s other two children both suffered complete losses of vehicles due to the storm. While rescuing livestock Clint drove through flood waters on roadways. When he arrived on the site of the livestock he witnessed animals standing in 18” of water while in pastures. 

The attached video was shot while driving westbound on the eastbound lanes of I-10 while in route to get Clint’s niece. In the video you can see the flood waters flowing over the waist high median barrier. The access roads on either side of I-10 are 3 feet lower than I-10. According to ABC News, Harvey dumped more than 20 trillion gallons across Texas and Louisiana. That’s enough water to supply New York City’s needs for over 5 decades.

Mentoring for the Future

John Lilak, a Professional Land Surveyor with over 28 years of surveying experience will be continuing his mentoring by instructing boys ages 7-18 in surveying at the Scouting 500. This is a role John has continually played since taking on an Adjunct Professor role at Longview Community College in 2003 and then becoming Scout Leader in 2010. The Scouting 500 is a scouting jamboree style event every four years put on by the Heart of America Council. This year it will feature 150 different activities over a 3 day period. John will be interacting with boys by teaching them more about the surveying technology of present day and also the past in the Career Exploration area of the event. The Scouting 500 will be held September 22nd thru 24th at the Kansas Speedway and is expected to have more than 10,000 in attendance.

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New NACE Refining Corrosion Technologist Certification

MTS would like to congratulate Mark Brogger, MTS Senior Engineer, for his latest achievement in receiving the NACE Refining Corrosion Technologist Certification.

Combined with his API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspector Certification, refinery and processing plant experience, numerous other associated certifications, and extensive overall corrosion control, integrity and reliability background, this added certification further establishes Mark’s valuable expertise related to critical facility/infrastructure optimizations, projects and maintenance endeavors of all types.

Mark’s career encompasses Oil & Gas engineering, technical, and inspection services for both onshore and offshore, including production, gathering, processing, refining, transportation pipelines, transmission pipelines, terminals, distribution systems, utilities and other assets.  Engineering, technical services, projects, construction, quality assurance (QA), inspection (QC), operations and maintenance (O&M), and compliance have been primary areas of involvement throughout his career.

He is a widely recognized Subject Matter Expert (SME) and has served as a Technical Authority (TA), while having held positions with a number of organizations and companies, from municipalities to Majors and Super Majors.  His experience also extends into the areas of R&D and manufacturing facilities.

Additionally, he has been a member, active participant, section officer, committee member, team member and/or contributor with a number of professional organizations such as NACE, API, AWS, ASNT, PRCI and others.  He understands these worlds from the standpoints of working both for Owner/Operators and service providers.

Mark is a Registered Professional Engineer in Texas and New Mexico and possesses a large number of supporting certifications.  Some of his other certifications are listed below:

API 510 Certified Vessel Inspector

AWS Certified Welding Inspector (CWI)


NACE Cathodic Protection Specialist

NACE Certified Coating Inspector – Level 3 (with Bridge & Marine)

NACE Protective Coating Technician

NACE Internal Corrosion Technologist

NACE OCAT Technician

Mark is a strong team member and individual contributor for our MTS services and programs.

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MTS Adding Second OQ Evaluator for Veriforce

Nicholas Lytle, Certified Survey Technician (CST) traveled to The Woodlands, Texas in August to further his expertise and qualifications by taking the Evaluator Training Course for Veriforce. This is a role Nick was eager to assist the Company with and successfully completed the course completing one of the components towards completing the total Veriforce Authorization process. Currently, Nick is finalizing the application process and reference portion of the process to finish and become one of two employees at MTS having the Authorized OQ Evaluator for Veriforce Certification. This will add another qualified qualifier at MTS to add flexibility for our clients. Nick will also be pursuing this type of qualification for ISNetworld and MEA in the near future.



After successful completion of Enbridge’s Line 78 acquisition and construction between Pontiac, Illinois and Griffith, Indiana, MTS Right of Way Services staff was chosen to fulfill crucial permitting activities in preparation for Enbridge’s Line 3R replacement to begin next year. The project is Enbridge’s largest pipeline project yet, dedicated to replacement and expansion of delivery capacity to Superior, Wisconsin.

MTS Attends SGA, Atlanta, GA July 13th-15th, 2017

MTS employees Mark Anderson, Phil Poe and Clint Brist attended the Southern Gas Association (SGA) in Atlanta Georgia July13th-15th. They met with Gas companies and their employees and educated them on MTS services such as Inspection, Integrity, ROW and Surveying. 


During the conference, SGA provided an evening excursion to the College Football Hall of Fame (CFHoF) that included access to the entire facility. As you enter the CFHoF the first thing you see is a 3 story high wall that has 818 football helmets, one for each college football team, that includes every division (see photo). After registering and selecting your college a blue light turned on in the ear hole of your teams helmet, thus letting everybody else know that someone from the college was in attendance this particular evening. During the registration you were also informed of how many others from your college have already visited the CFHoF. In the case of Phil Poe and Emporia State University, Phil was the 64th person who attended ESU to visit the CFHoF since it opened in 2014. This after work excursion provided a relaxing and enjoyable environment for both vendors as well as operators who were attending the conference.

Clint Brist Has Joined MTS as the Manager of Inspection and Field Maintenance

MTS is proud to announce that Clint A. Brist has joined MTS as the Manager of Inspection and Field Maintenance. Clint brings over 17 years of experience in midstream construction and maintenance projects. His past experience includes construction, inspection, pipeline integrity and ROW maintenance; coupled with his extensive experience with sales strategies and business development Clint will carry out our vision of consolidating management, engineering, consultation, compliance and other services into a single resource.  We feel that he will be a key member of the executive management team in leading this effort.

New API 510 Certification

MTS would like to announce and congratulate Mark Brogger, MTS Senior Engineer, for his achievement in receiving the API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspector Certification effective on February 28, 2017.

The API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspection Code is written and published by the American Petroleum Institute and establishes standards for the inspection, repair, alteration and rerating of pressure vessels and their pressure relieving devices.  API formally reviews, tests and authorizes API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspectors.  Each such individual must demonstrate extensive knowledge of pressure vessel maintenance, inspection, repair, alteration and rerating.

The API 510 Certification Examination covers the associated details of the following:

API Standards/Recommended Practices:

  • API 510, Pressure Vessel Inspection Code: In-service Inspection, Rating, Repair and Alteration
  • API RP 571, Damage Mechanisms Affecting Equipment in Refining Industry
  • API RP 572, Inspection of Pressure Vessels
  • API RP 576, Inspection of Pressure-Relieving Devices
  • API RP 577, Welding Inspection and Metallurgy

ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code:

  • Section V, Nondestructive Examination
  • Section VIII, Division 1, Rules for Constructing Pressure Vessels
  • Section IX, Welding and Brazing Qualifications

Mark recently joined MTS and has many years of Oil & Gas engineering, technical, and inspection experience both onshore and offshore, including production, gathering, processing, refining, transportation, transmission, terminals and distribution in the areas of engineering, technical services, projects, construction, quality assurance (QA), inspection (QC), operations and maintenance.  He is a recognized Subject Matter Expert (SME) and has served as a Technical Authority (TA), while having held positions with a number of organizations and companies from municipalities to Majors and Super Majors.  His recent areas of concentration have centered on Corrosion, Integrity and Reliability.  Mark is a Registered Professional Engineer in Texas and New Mexico and possesses a large number of supporting certifications.  Some of his certifications are:

  • NACE Cathodic Protection Specialist
  • NACE Certified Coating Inspector – Level 3 (with Bridge & Marine)
  • NACE Protective Coating Technician
  • NACE Internal Corrosion Technologist
  • NACE OCAT Technician
  • American Welding Society Certified Welding Inspector (AWS CWI)

We are glad to have Mark as a member of our team.

We have liftoff!

MTS is proud to announce completion of its first Aerial mission using our new Leica Geosystems ALS70 LiDAR mapping system and the Leica RCD30 80 MP RGBN multispectral imagery camera. 

MTS completed a scope of work (SOW) which featured LiDAR and imagery of a 55 mile pipeline corridor in central Oklahoma.

With the success of this mission MTS will continue pursuing new opportunities this area.


New GISP Certification

MTS would like to announce and congratulate, Corey Brunk, GIS Analyst/Specialist for his achievement of recently receiving a passing score on the Geographic Information Systems Certification Institute (GISCI) examination and has been awarded the certification of a Geographic Information Systems Professional (GISP) on December 10th, 2016.

The GISCI is the geospatial professionals' institute, providing recognized leadership in the certification of professional accomplishment in the field of GIS including ethics, professional development, and education.  The purpose of the GIS Certification Institute is to provide professionals who work in the field of geographic information systems with a formal process that:

  • Allows them to be recognized by their colleagues and peers for having demonstrated exemplary professional practice and integrity in the field. 
  • Establishes and maintains high standards of both professional practice and ethical conduct.
  • Encourages aspiring GIS professionals to work towards certification for the purpose of professional development and advancement.
  • Encourages established GIS professionals to continue to hone their professional skills and ethical performance even as GIS technology changes.

The GIS Certification Institute is an independent, non-profit organization providing the GIS community with a complete certification program. GISCI offers a positive method of developing value for professionals and employers in the GIS profession.

Rob Adams Has Joined MTS as the New Manager of Right of Way

We are proud to announce that Rob Adams will be joining MTS as the Right of Way manager. He brings over 35 years of experience in the long line pipeline and power line transmission construction projects. His past projects involved 24 interstate projects including: 15 transmission powerlines, three interstate fiber optics and six major pipelines.  Rob has extensive experience in all phases of these type of projects. We feel that he will be a key member of the executive management team in leading our Right of Way department. 

Mark Anderson Presented At the INGAA TVC Tracking Workshop

Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson gave a presentation titled “TVC Tracking for New Construction Projects - A Path Forward” at the INGAA TVC Tracking Workshop on October 5th 2016 at the JW Marriott in Houston, TX. The goal of the TVC workshop was to review a breadth of sophisticated technologies and processes for generating, validating, and tracking Traceable, Verifiable, and Complete records for new gas transmission pipeline construction. Presenters shared a variety of available tools and lessons learned from applying comprehensive record management systems. The workshop will concluded with a roundtable discussion of proposed regulatory changes (Gas Transmission NPRM and NPMS ICR revisions) and their potential impacts on record/data management systems.