Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey: The category 4 hurricane that struck Houston recently left behind widespread flooding due to the torrential rains and will most certainly go down in history as the costliest storm in US history. 80% of the residents of Texas do not have flood insurance. The torrential rains in some areas dropped an estimated 51 inches in less than 5 days, thus according to the National Weather Service, set a new record for the heaviest rainfall from a storm.

Reports of the loss of homes, vehicles, livestock and even lives are hard to believe. Some of those people who did not suffer any damage to property were stranded without power or clean drinking water. Residents and neighbors helped other in rescuing stranded flood victims and pets.
One of MTS employees, Clint A. Brist, was in the middle of the hurricane in Chambers County, Texas. His residence suffered only slight damage from the devastating winds and non-stop rain.

One of Clint’s sons did however get 2 feet of flood waters in his home. Another child of Clint’s had 6 inches of water in their house. Clint’s other two children both suffered complete losses of vehicles due to the storm. While rescuing livestock Clint drove through flood waters on roadways. When he arrived on the site of the livestock he witnessed animals standing in 18” of water while in pastures. 

The attached video was shot while driving westbound on the eastbound lanes of I-10 while in route to get Clint’s niece. In the video you can see the flood waters flowing over the waist high median barrier. The access roads on either side of I-10 are 3 feet lower than I-10. According to ABC News, Harvey dumped more than 20 trillion gallons across Texas and Louisiana. That’s enough water to supply New York City’s needs for over 5 decades.