MTS Completes Inspection of Insulated VGO Pipeline

MTS has recently completed an inspection project for a newly installed, insulated VGO pipeline.

Newly installed, insulated VGO pipeline

Newly installed, insulated VGO pipeline

MTS developed the inspection protocol for water proofing the joint coating system. The process consists of six separate inspection forms per weld to document that the installation procedure was followed. The project scope was to inspect over 4,900 welds with more than 30,000 inspection records. Each inspection record was tied to the joint X-Ray number.

MTSInspect, a real time, cloud based inspection tool was used to document the inspection. In addition, photos of each stage were taken and linked to each step. The whole inspection group worked as a single team: inspectors, QA/QC, engineering, project management, and auditors. The cloud based mobile technologies made it “real-time”. Data and photos taken from anywhere on the project were instantly available by the QA/QC team in the office, who provided feedback to the field and the data was corrected BEFORE pipe was placed in the swamp. Exception reporting against other known datasets like SpreadBoss and NDT logs were produced. Deliverables included printed and PDF files that were provided for the client’s document management system.

Thirty two MTS coating inspectors were trained to the specialized procedure and documented the inspection using Samsung Galaxy 5 (Android/MAC) with barcode scanners. The majority of the inspections were performed on push pads in a swamp environment.