MTS Attends SGA, Atlanta, GA July 13th-15th, 2017

MTS employees Mark Anderson, Phil Poe and Clint Brist attended the Southern Gas Association (SGA) in Atlanta Georgia July13th-15th. They met with Gas companies and their employees and educated them on MTS services such as Inspection, Integrity, ROW and Surveying. 


During the conference, SGA provided an evening excursion to the College Football Hall of Fame (CFHoF) that included access to the entire facility. As you enter the CFHoF the first thing you see is a 3 story high wall that has 818 football helmets, one for each college football team, that includes every division (see photo). After registering and selecting your college a blue light turned on in the ear hole of your teams helmet, thus letting everybody else know that someone from the college was in attendance this particular evening. During the registration you were also informed of how many others from your college have already visited the CFHoF. In the case of Phil Poe and Emporia State University, Phil was the 64th person who attended ESU to visit the CFHoF since it opened in 2014. This after work excursion provided a relaxing and enjoyable environment for both vendors as well as operators who were attending the conference.