MTS Completes NiSource/NIPSCO - Ironwood-Jackson to Oakland Avenue Project

MTS performed aerial acquisition processing and quality assurance services on a 12 mile pipeline corridor Alignment for the NiSource/NIPSCO – Ironwood-Jackson to Oakland Avenue Project near South Bend, Indiana.  Planimetric mapping in the corridor of interest was collected photogrammetrically and supplemented with field survey collected data at road crossings. Airborne LIDAR point clouds were classified and delivered in both LAS 1.2 and LAS 1.4 standard formats.  Digital orthophotography in approximately 5000’ X 7000’ tiles with a 3” ground sample distance was prepared and delivered in TIFF format.  Mosaics consisting of 3 files of 4 tiles each and an overall mosaic were delivered in ECW compressed formats.  All LAS, TIFF and ECW files can be viewed in AutoCAD and Microstation.  Contour and surface models were generated from the calibrated point cloud.

Jan 2018 Photo.jpg