MTS is a provider of right of way (ROW) services supporting energy, telecommunications, electric companies for their respective projects throughout the United States and Canada.  In recent years we have performed right-of-way and land support mostly as exclusive right-of-way land services provider. Our experienced management team provides the best support and resources that the industry has to offer. We take pride in the work and achievements of our professional ROW agents and staff.  MTS provides the talent, expertise, and resources necessary to ensure a successful outcome for its clients including: easement acquisition, permitting, and other relocation activity related to government, public and private entities.  MTS is much more than a provider of ROW services we can offer pipeline professional services. ROW services we provide include:


  • Project Management
  • Project Review / Analysis
  • Project Planning Strategy
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Cost Studies
    • Manpower Estimates
  • Project RFP Development
  • Landowner Database
  • Records/Data  Management



  • Route Selection
  • Acquisition Strategy
  • Political / Landholder/Stakeholder Outreach
  • Title Search per State Marketable Title Law
  • Document Preparation
  • Easement/Servitude Negotiations
  • FERC / ICC Regulated or Non-regulated
  • Eminent Domain Coordination
  • Expert Witness Testimony 
  • Damage Settlement
  • Seasoned and proven ROW agents with years of experience. Our agents are seasoned we do not hire agents to work on our ROW without years of experience.  
  • Proven ROW agents with experience in negotiations with FERC, state and local DOT agencies, and US Army Corp. Of Engineers.
  • Compliance with all local DOT rules including but not limited to local, state, and federal regulations.
  • Lease Take-Off
  • GIS Mapping