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MTS utilizes the latest in technology to provide the most cost effective solution to your project.  

Aerial LiDAR/Photography
•    LiDAR for topographic survey before survey permission is granted
   o    Profile drawings of proposed route within the 2,500’ corridor
   o    Topographic drawings of  HDD at rivers and highways
   o    Topographic drawings for proposed sites

•    High definition photography
   o    Class Location
   o    HCA determination
   o    AC modeling and mitigation design

Drone Technology (UAV)
•    Acquire photographic images to create accurately scaled full color orthomosaics.

•    Acquire digital photogrammetry to create a point cloud.  This derived point cloud can then be processed like any LiDAR file.

•    Drone/ UAV-based land surveying and mapping of small and medium scale areas.
   o    Land cover classification and mapping
   o    Land surveying for site plans, status plans and documentation of construction progress
   o    Surveying and measurements of objects and areas to create point clouds, digital terrain modelling (DTM), digital elevation modelling (DEM) and volumetric analysis
   o    Inspection and survey of land, embankments, dams and retaining walls
   o    Geo information system applications (GIS)

Laser Scanning
•    During Construction
   o    Monitor progress
   o    Insure quality
   o    Correction of mistakes before impacting the schedule
•    Post Construction
   o    As-built new facility
•    Tool for Inspectors
   o    Less Inspectors
   o    Higher Quality of Inspection
•    Real Time As-built Drawings
   o    As-built during construction
   o    Accurate Final Drawings

Whether utilizing an aerial or ground based solution, we gather a Complete Data set with less survey time in the field.

•    Cloudworx
•    Cyclone
•    Jetstream
•    TerraSolid
•    TerraModeler
•    ArcGIS & Source GIS

Proprietary Tools
 FieldBook – Right-of-way acquisition, preliminary survey progress tacking
•    MTS Inspect – New Construction and Integrity inspection
•    MTS Survey – Construction and As-Built

The tools above share the following features:
 Responsive, mobile and tablet ready web applications
•    Offline capable for use in remote areas
•    Integrated GIS functionality and web maps
•    Can upload data from various sources
•    Real-time database updates using Google Cloud Services
•    Layered, roles based security
•    Comprehensive reports and graphs available